Academic Philosophy poses distinctive threats to one’s own mental health. Fortunately, there is compelling scientific evidence that weight lifting, working out, and exercising more generally can ease or prevent depression and anxiety, and promote mental sharpness.

I suffered from poor mental health during my PhD. But I never stopped training regularly. From what I can tell, working out played an essential role in achieving a safer state of mind. Moreover, the advantages of weight lifting carry over to academic research and other aspects of life. Therefore, if you are pursuing an academic career in philosophy, I strongly suggest that you get a gym membership and start lifting dumbbells and plates.

Of course, the gym may appear as an intimidating place. (It is not. Rather it is an inclusive and empowering environment. If your gym is intimidating, then you should pick a better one.) As such, it can be helpful to find a gym buddy. I’d be happy to be yours if distance and time constraints permit it. So if you are in Brum and if you wish to learn how to lift heavy objects, get in touch! (See the Contact page on this website)

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