• Teaching Fellow, University of Birmigham.

Problems of Philosophy (ethics, metaphysics)

Logic Through Language (logic)

Logic: its limit and scope (logic)

Science and Nature (philosophy of science, metaphysics)

It’s About Time! (metaphysics)

  • Course Lecturer, University of Glasgow.
  • 2019–2020: JH8 Metaphysics (junior honours course on Metaphysics): module on the metaphysics of properties.
  • 2018 – 2019: JH8 Metaphysics: guest lectures on material objects.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Glasgow.
    • 2019–2020. Philosophy 2010: Critical Thinking, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Logic, Epistemology, Introduction to Metaphysics
    • 2018–Present. Philosophy 1010: Critical Thinking, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind
    • 2015–2018. Philosophy 1001: Critical Thinking, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology
    • 2015–2019. Philosophy 2002: 2K – Logic, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology.
    • 2017–2019. JH8 Metaphysics: junior honours course on Metaphysics

Teacher at the University of Glasgow Summer School                

  • 2017. Introduction to Metaphysics, Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind.
  •  2018. Introduction to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.
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